Are we spending too much time listening?

Listening is overused when…

We procrastinate, we use it as a comfortable zone to avoid action.

Others misinterpret it as agreement.

Listening is best used when we…

Are giving our full attention.

Can restate what others say even if we disagree.

Feel clarity and motivated to move forward.

Check the list below to see if you are really listening:

__ You feel discomfort, puzzled, disengaged.

__ You are selective, listening only to some groups or to some content.

__ It doesn’t feel that a lot is happening (status quo), while a lot is happening in your mind.

Active listening include:

√  Holistic perception of the environment (you, the others, the setting).

√  Awareness of changes (body language, tone of voice).

√  Paraphrasing, summarizing, asking open questions for understanding.

√  Creating and following-up on actions.

Listening can be developed:

Here are key steps for you, right now:

  1. Track your listening for few days. 
  2. Identify what gets in the way.
  3. Write down the triggers that allowed you to actively listen.

The more you practice, the easier it gets!

You can accelerate your learning by joining a series of listening trainings.