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Some news about Billy Coaching

New podcast with Antonio Mazzariello

2020 learnings, with Antonio Mazzariello, Business Development and Inlicensing Coach at Novartis: Working remotely sharpens our listening and questioning skills #2020andbeyond #listeningskills #questioning #covid19innovation #learninganddevelopment #adaptability
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secret formula

Is there a secret formula for success and happiness?

Is there a secret formula for success and happiness? Yes, 2 steps: Clarity (desire/goal), Belief (you can make it happen!) Book an appointment now
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Transformative coaching for busy women

Transformative coaching for busy women: a proven method to change habits, in partnership with Blanka Campbell Starting Thursday 21.01.2021, weekly meetings from 1 to 2pm >> book here Identify what
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Looking for practicing Coaching ?

Looking for practicing Coaching and getting Mentoring?Join the new Group Coaching Mentoring starting January. Contact me
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New podcast with Torbjörn Stenström

2020 learnings with Torbjörn Stenström, Head of Customer Support at ABB: how to adjust when working from home? #adjustments #adaptability #2020andbeyond #learninganddevelopment #covid19innovation
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New podcast with Lynda Barton

2020 learnings from Lynda Barton, Talent Development Agent at Roche: how to open opportunities? #gratitudeattitude #2020andbeyond #learninganddevelopment #covid19innovation
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Mentor coaching by Christine BILLY

Join the weekly group mentor coaching by registering at Check all my posts on my LinkedIn
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The value of learning and unlearning with Christine Billy

Join Switzerland based CTEDU Trainer Christine Billy and CTEDU Co-Founder John Andrew Williams as they discuss Christine’s journey with coaching and opening her coaching practice, Billy Coaching, and the implications
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What’s possible in 2020?

“It is not about predicting the future, it is about making it possible;” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry I look forward to meeting and working with you in 2020! Happy New
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High-performance communication for ambitious leaders

2020 will be a new year of achieving goals through efficient, impactful communication! This comes with experience and determination. A communication mindset. My passion is to help ambitious leaders to
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