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Where can I develop a coaching mindset?

EDU coaching school is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and focuses on delivering high quality customized coaching trainings. More than 10 years global experience, more than 3000 students. Implemented in Switzerland since 2018.

2 levels: fundamental 1.0 and advanced 2.0. Business development support. New cohorts starting in January in Basel. More information and registration at

What students say about the Coaching Training?: « The program is well structured, and – most importantly – it is practice oriented. This helps you to experience the learning and practice in a « safe environment » where feedback is honest, structured, constant and constructive. Christine is a charismatic trainer, and a truly experienced coach and mentor, able to take you through the full journey in a very competent and professional way. She stays focused on people and makes out the most of their abilities and motivation. »

« Truly a high-quality Coach Training Program which I have recently graduated from with pride and a sense of accomplishment. A hands-on pragmatic training, which provides real-world experience by allowing the students to get their hands directly on what they learn, performing coaching from the first session and creating a sense of empowerment. Do not miss this Program lead by our very talented Trainer Christine BILLY, it will launch you to new heights of personal and professional development! »